School Closings

Want to know how school closings and delays are determined? See SAU 16 District FAQ for more information.

School Cancellation and Delayed Opening Information

Cancellations & Delayed Openings

Bus schedules will be delayed two hours for all concerned and schools will close at the usual time.

Radio and TV Announcements will be made announcing a school closing or a school delay. A school DELAY may be updated to a CLOSING. Therefore, continue to listen to media announcements.

Want to know how a school closing or delay determined? See this SAU 16 District FAQ for more information.

School Messenger Alerts:

Sign up for telephone and/or email alerts about weather delays and closings. To sign up, please contact the main office and supply the following information: Your name, your student's name(s), up to two email addresses and up to two phone numbers.

In addition, the following media stations are notified of school cancellations and delayed openings:


Opens to Closings List


No online listings. Opens to home page. Some online streaming options available.