Literacy Vision




Literacy is more than basic reading and writing.  Broadly defined, literacy is a complex set of abilities to use symbols to understand and communicate within a culture of personal and community development.  Our goal for students is to develop the strategies, skills, understandings, and motivation to use reading, writing, listening and speaking to interact with the world, learn new things, solve problems, and improve the quality of life for themselves and ultimately, their communities.  No longer limited to books and pencils the materials, tools and formats of literacy offer students a vast means of self-espression and communication.

Informed by our understanding of research, best practice and the East Kingston community, we are committed to providing all students with quality and effective literacy experiences.  We further understand that best practice begins with expert teachers who facilitate quality opportunities for student learning.  It is therefore the responsibilty of our teachers to provide the following experiences for students on a daily and/or weekly basis:

  • Offer high quality explicit instruction and modeling of strategies in the areas of phonemic awareness (K-2), word analysis, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development and writing.
  • Offer opportunities to choose materials and topics for reading and writing.
  • Offer opportunities to engage with books that students can read fluently.
  • Offer opportunities to compose written text for meaningful purposes.
  • Offer opportunities to hear quality text read aloud by the teacher.
  • Offer opportunities to reflect on and discuss what students are reading/learning and to share their understandings and perspectives with teachers and peers.
  • Offer opportunities to make connections across the curriculum and to areas of interest outside of school.