Student Support Services

Student Support at EKES

Special Education

The Support Services Team strives to help every child become competent and confident as learners. We have over 50 years of combined educational knowlege and experience.

Mrs. Phillips - Special Ed. Coordinator

Ms. Lukach - Special Ed. Teacher

Mrs. Edmiston - Speech and Language

Heidi McBain - Occupational Therapist

Trish Merrill - School Psychologist

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A full time nurse is available to support students' health and wellness needs. The nurse coordinates outreach programs such as dental care, flu vaccinations, vision and hearing screenings, scoliosis screenings, as well as supporting classroom instruction in nutrition and human biology units.

Speech and Language Services

Believe it or not Speech and Language development starts even before a child is born and continues into adulthood. Speech and Language is a broad term for many aspects of communication. It includes but is not limited to the following: listening comprehension, auditory discrimination, articulation, vocabulary, grammar, social language, fluency, voice, augmentative communication, and study skills.

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Counselor/ Home School Coordinator

A counselor is available 3-days per week to support individual and small groups of students struggling with social and emotional issues that are impeding their learning. The counselor also works in the regular classroom to support social and emotional goals embedded in the curriculum.


Literacy Tutor and Math Tutor

The school qualifies for federal monies through Title I that provides 50% of the financial support to hire a full-time literacy tutor. The literacy tutor works 15 hours per week with identified Title 1 students struggling with reading and writing. Through our local budget the school also provides the other half of the literacy tutor's position, and 100% of a math tutor's position for students in grade K-5 who need extra support.