EKES Curriculum Guides

(Please note that these are our current guides and power standards, but the school is in the process of adopting the Common Core in the areas of literacy and mathematics.  As the adoption moves forward, we will update our curriculum materials.)

Click on the links below to access the EKES Curriculum Guides: 

pdfKindergarten Curriculum Guide

pdf First Grade Curriculum Guide

pdf Second Grade Curriculum Guide

pdfThird Grade Curriculum Guide

pdfFourth Grade Curriculum Guide

pdfFifth Grade Curriculum Guide


EKES Reading and Writing Power Standards 

What are power standards?  Power standards are the critical skills teachers are expected to teach students explicitly at each grade level.  The power standards are sequenced in trimester maps to help teachers guide thier instruction for the year.  Click on the links below to access each grade level's power standards in reading and writing.  Included in each grade level link is:  writing power standards, bi-annual writing rubrics to assess student progress, reading power standards, essential vocabulary all students are expected to know, and the school's spelling scope and sequence. 

Kindergarten Power Standards

First Grade Power Standards

Second Grade Power Standards

Third Grade Power Standards

Fourth Grade Power Standards

Fifth Grade power Standards


SAU 16 Curriculum 

The district's curriculum guides and power standards are derived through review of both the SAU 16 curroiculum and grade level expectations outlined by the state.  These standards and benchmarks have been developed in alignment with state academic standards and are based on local needs.  To review the SAU 16 curriculum, click on the link below:

Link to SAU 16 District Curriculum