EKES Philosophy of Effective Instruction


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East Kingston Elementary School’s philosophy of instruction centers on the core value that, as a school community, we strive to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of our students.  We believe that effective instruction begins with knowing our students as learners and respecting them as individuals.  This central belief is sustained by our ability to make meaningful connections to students’ lives, account for diverse learning styles and abilities, foster student independence, and actively listen to what each child has to say.

We build upon our knowledge of learners to create an instructional environment in which students have a shared understanding of expectations and a clear sense of purpose.
Purposeful instruction:

  • is personally meaningful to students
  • enables students to make connections across a range of experiences
  • fosters productive activity and outcomes
  • has aims that are readily apparent to students
  • supports teachers in their design and assessment of instruction

We believe an effective instructional environment encourages questioning and supports thoughtful risk-taking.  We respect what individuals bring to the learning process and celebrate their ability to freely share information, engage in productive give-and-take, and work collaboratively.

Effective instruction is built upon dedication, preparedness, and thorough knowledge of subject matter on the part of school staff.   Dedication is fed by the ability to help students make personal connections to subject matter.  Preparedness requires knowledgeable use of resources and the systematic use of data to support instructional decisions.  Thorough knowledge incorporates awareness of the curriculum, its goals and standards, as well as opportunities to reflect upon and implement best practice.

We believe that ongoing dialogue about our practice is an essential component of effective instruction.  Asking questions of each other and maintaining awareness of each other’s teaching and learning activities facilitates our ability to implement appropriate instruction and sustain a supportive and connected community of learners.