Student Support Services

The students at East Kingston Elementary School receive a high level of support services from a dedicated staff:



A full time nurse is available to support students' health and wellness needs.  The nurse coordinates outreach programs such as dental care, flu vaccinations, vision and hearing screenings, scoliosis screenings, as well as supporting classroom instruction in nutrition and human biology units.  She serves as the school's 504 coordinator, Wellness Committee Chair and Emergency management Chair.



A counselor is available 3-days per week to support individual and small groups of students struggling with social and emotional issues that are impeding their learning.  The counselor also works in the regular classroom to support social and emotional goals embedded in the curriculum.



Special Education Staff

Two full-time special education teachers, a full time speech/language pathologist, a part-time occupational therapist, a part-time secretary, and a 20-day contracted school psychologist support the needs of the special education population at EKES.  The role of the special education team is to identify and support students whose learning needs cannot be met without highly specialized instructional support.  For students who qualify for special education services, an individual education plan (IEP) is developed with the goal of helping them acquire the skills necessary to be successful in the regular classroom.

Reading Recovery/Literacy and Math Tutors

The school qualifies for federal monies through Title I which provides 50% of the financial support to hire a Reading Recovery teacher for grade one.  Through the general budget the school also employs one literacy tutor and one mathematics tutor. The tutors focus the majority of their instruction on at-risk students in grades K-3.  Tutoring never takes teh place of a student's regular programming but is meant to support and enhance the larning taking place in the reular classroom