East Kingston Elementary School Students

At the present time, the student enrollment at EKES is 99% percent Caucasian, with <1% representing minority groups.
From 2001 to 2004 our student population grew a modest 7% with enrollment increasing from 164 to 175 students.  However, student enrollment spiked in 2005, climbing from 172 in June 2005 to 190 in September of 2005, representing a 10% increase.  While the 2005 enrollment increase was eye catching, the student population has grown at a modest rate to 205 students through 2010. 
As has been the trend in elementary schools across New Hampshire, enrollment at EKES has dropped 25% over the past five years .  As of July 1, 2015, the student population was 152 students. 

Attendance and Mobility

Student attendance rates at EKES have remained steady over the past few years.  Our school has an average daily attendance of 97 percent. Typically, enrollment numbers increase/decrease <3 percent="" annually="" div="">