School Overview

Morning meeting and greeting at EKES

What makes East Kingston School a Unique and Special Place?

EKES is proud of its reputation as a student-centered community of learners.  Our mission states, "Learning Empowers All People."  We build on this concept daily as we come to know each student's learning style, interests and personal needs.  We all share in the understanding that what we value, both individually and as a community, is demonstrated through our programs and affilliations:       

*Building a strong sense of community and belonging in our school is at the heart of our daily work. 

To this end, we hold regular school-wide meetings where we greet one another, share messages, celebrations, salute the flag and sing a patriotic song.  Classes will often share a song, poem or pieces of writing around a theme they are studying.  It is a special time that helps each of us develop a strong bond to the school community as a whole.  Most teachers use the Responsive Classroom model for building community and accountability in their classrooms. 

*EKES promotes a developmentally appropriate and challenging curriculum.  Over the past three years the teachers have been unpacking the Common Core State Standards that all students in grades K-5 need to be taught in the areas of literacy and mathematics.  The teachers are also developing common means of assessing student growth so that individual student progress can be monitored closely.  In 2015-2016, we will be adopting the Everyday Mathematics program and the Words their Way program to bring greater cohesiveness to our instruction K-5.       

*EKES is a proud partner of the University of New Hampshire School/University Collaborative. 

As a Collaborative partner, the school is a host site for UNH graduate level education interns who work alongside classroom teachers throughout the course of the school year.  The internship program allows EKES to support perspective teachers while fostering ongoing professional development opportunities for the staff.  EKES is very fortunate to have Barbara Knapp, former principal of the South Hampton Elementary School as our UNH intern supervisor.  This year we are hosting 3 graduate level interns.      

 *The East Kingston School Board, in an effort to promote democratic principles and strengthen community relations establishes an advisory group to the Board called the Partnership Advisory Council (PAC). 
Through continual involvement, a sound partnership can be developed between parents, the community, and the East Kingston School District that emphasizes trust and meaningful participation. In pursuing these aims, the Council focuses a stated set of purposes creating the boundaries within which it shall operate. These purposes include:

  • To be a major representative voice of the parents and community in the East Kingston School District by serving in an advisory capacity to the East Kingston School Board.
  • When called upon, to serve as representatives on District-level committees, task forces, and study  groups.
  • To help maintain effective and continuous communication between and within the East Kingston School District and community and to build closer home- school-community relationships and cooperation.
  • To become aware of and share ideas and information regarding school and community programs.
  • To promote cooperative relationships and programs between the schools and community.

*Always seeking new ways to collaborate and make connections in our learning community, EKES embarks each year on a school-wide theme. 

The annual theme bonds us together and brings commonality to our experiences and learning.  This year's theme is "Our Big Back yard."  We'll be visited by authors, illustrators, musicians, artists and a wide variety of experts who will strengthen our understanding of our community, state and country. 

*In response to our declining enrollment and the state's movement to competency based learning models, EKES is adopting a multi-age model of instruction.  To learn more about multi-age classrooms check out the link on our school home page under the Resources tab.