Classroom Climate

Classroom Discipline/Learning Climate

EKES strives to promote a disciplined and stimulating learning environment for all students.  Our goal is to provide a positive climate for learning that assures student achievement, enhances self-esteem, and develops positive social behavior.  EKES values the importance of committing time and resources to help students develop self-control, accept responsibility for their behavior, and to recognize and value the responsibilities that go along with being a contributing member of a caring and responsive community.

Many teachers at EKES have been trained in the Responsive Classroom model.  Responsive classroom teachers work to create "safe, challenging, and joyful classrooms and schools." The responsive classroom teacher believes: the social and academic curriculums are both important; how children learn and what they learn are equally important; children learn more effectively through social interaction; children need to be cooperative, assertive, responsible, empathetic, and self-controlled to be successful socially and academically; teachers must know the children that they teach and their families; and, lasting change begins with the adult community.  If you would like to learn more about the Responsive Classroom model check out the Northeast Children's Foundation website at  

The positive climate for learning at EKES is strengthened by a large number of active and involved parents who continually seek out means to enhance learning opportunities for all students. Parents are continually encouraged to become involved in school life, to help with homework, and honor their child's successes.